Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tour Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tour
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Rated 5/5
based on 1,887 customer reviews

Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour

1.5 hours


DAILY AT 12:30

APR 1 to OCT 31

DAILY AT  17:00

JUN 1 to SEP 30

25 €
This 2 in 1 tour gives you everything: you revisit the scenes of the most famous events in King’s Landing, whilst also getting an insight into Dubrovnik’s History. Dubrovnik was the perfect choice as the setting for the capital in Game of Thrones – not only does it have stunning natural and historical locations, but the real-life history of the city can often compete with King’s Landing for political intrigue and strange stories.

Our guides are extremely knowledgeable in both fact and fantasy and will bring the real and imagined worlds to life.Explore the iconic filming locations of Game of Thrones, stepping into the shoes of your favorite characters. 

But this tour isn't just about fantasy; it's a deep dive into Dubrovnik's rich history. Learn about the Republic of Ragusa, the city's former glory as a maritime power, and its intricate political intrigues. Discover the real-life stories that rival the drama of Westeros.

Our guides, experts in both Dubrovnik's history and Game of Thrones lore, will weave together these two worlds seamlessly. They'll share behind-the-scenes anecdotes and fascinating historical tidbits. Whether you're a die-hard Game of Thrones fan or a history buff, this tour promises an unforgettable experience, where fact and fiction blend harmoniously in the enchanting setting of Dubrovnik.
What people say
A Fantastic Tour
This was one of the best ways to learn about the history of Dubrovnik, with the added bonus of standing in the locations used for filming Game of Thrones! Our tour guide Josip was very funny, engaging and knowledgable. We went on a really hot day, and he was great at finding us shade to stand in for the talks and gave us plenty of time to stop and recover from the many steep hills and steps! I would highly recommend this tour, just be mindful that you are exposed to the sun for a long time, so be mindful of the time of day you book it if visiting in the hot summer months. Also be aware that the tour includes a visit to the fort which you have to pay extra for (but you can use your ticket for a discount if visiting the city walls, or if you've already walked the city walls then keep your ticket as it grants you free access to the fort while on this tour).

Zoe B about Game of Thrones Tour
A nice balance of locations and time
You’re in Dubrovnik, so how could you not do a GOT tour? Cliché, I know but what’s the harm in a short one? Let’s face it, after this tour, we will have to rewatch the series and see all of the places we saw on this tour (in addition to several others in Europe). I like that the guide comes ready with photos of the scenes that were filmed were you stand. I really brings you in. Our guide, Tihomir was great. It’s interesting to hear the stories both about the history but also about the specific locations you visit. There are longer tours that take you to other locations beyond what this tour does, but we felt this was a nice balance to see some of the highlights but not have to spend most of a day on a longer tour.

WanderingOttersons about Game of Thrones Tour
Awesome Game of Thrones Tour!
We are Game of Thrones fans. Not the die hard, know every detail, live and breathe fans. But we love watching the show. What better opportunity to take a Game of Thrones tour then when actually in King's Landing (Dubrovnik).

The tour is two hours and 25 EUR, which I was worried would be too long especially since we walked the entire wall that morning. However, it was a great tour and time flew by. There is a lot of walking but the guide was fantastic very informative. 
She is a repeat extra on the show so she gave us behind the scenes GOT series info. She had a flip book with pictures from the various scenes in show to remind us of the specific scene and background. This was super helpful.

One thing to note is all Game of Thrones tours take you to St. Lawrence Fort, which has separate entrance fee. If you have your City Walls ticket with you, this gets you the entrance to the fort.

Would definitely recommend this tour!

Mankoosha, New York about Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour
Excellent walking tour of Old Town Dubrovnik
Had fantastic informative & pleasant walking tour with Josef. Such a polite & friendly young man who had superb delivery & spoke excellent English. Always happy to answer any queries & had incredible knowledge of both Dubrovnik & Croatia. Would definitely recommend to any British tourist.

Fantastic Discovery walking tour of Dubrovnik
Could not recommend this guided walk and the guide more highly. This guided tour was really excellent and very good value. My wife and I went on the Red Umbrella guided walking tour of Dubrovnik in early October 2023 with local Guide Ivana who spoke superb English clearly, and loud enough for all to hear. Ivana was a fantastic communicator and made the walk an enjoyable informative interactive experience. She was a local, born bought, educated and still living in Dubrovnik town additionally working as a Professor at the local university.

On the walk Ivana spoke about Dubrovnik, it’s buildings, it’s history, architecture, traditions, food, education, language, neighbours, etc so many things, but in an an interesting and absorbing way, not just presenting a tired text, but interacting with the group and interlacing the information with personal experiences and family stories. We really enjoyed the walk and the time seemed to go so quickly, and because of the way it was presented our attention was always on what was being said and we learnt and remembered so much.

Venture44930021787 about Discover Dubrovnik Walking Tour
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